Bill Brady Photography empowers your business or
brand to achieve every marketing objective.
Still Photography:

Bill Brady has over 17 years of experience shooting food. He is a master
of production, lighting, composition, and post-production.

Bill Works With:

• Advertising agencies     • Creatives    • Restaurants
• Chefs     • Food Companies      • Business owners
• Editors     • Web designers     • In-house marketing teams
• Projects can be scaled from Single day shoots to long-term projects.
• Shoot in the studio or on location.
• Daily rates or retainer rates available upon request.

Bill Shoots For:

• Advertising     • Package Design    • Social Media
• Editorial    • Out-of-Home     • POP/POS   • Web


Full production services for broadcast and social media include:
• Script production     • Pre-production    • Capture
• Editing     • Music     • Titles     • Post-production

We offer a variety of production levels ranging from simple recipe videos to fully scripted commercials. Our services are scalable and can accommodate most budgets.

Branded Content Packages

Branded social media/content stream packages are available.

Typical packages include:

Weekly recipe videos and still photographs (including styling and editing)

This allows for:

• Personalized brand schedule     • Consistent content

• Loyal audience awareness     • Peaks consumer interest

Targeted Audience Acquisition Programs are available to create loyal followers who share your brands content.








Consulting Services

Bill Brady works one-on-one with companies to develop photography and video departments.  He will make recommendations for equipment purchases, train and develop a qualified staff of photographers & assistants to create a consistent standardized workflow that meets your marketing objectives within your budgetary framework.

Bill specializes in the execution and training for your companies food photography and video assets. Once systems are implemented, your content needs are fulfilled  at a lower price point than traditional photography/video work commissioned through a freelance market.

Consulting services are ideal for clients who:
• Have an ongoing need for photography/video.
• Have large-scale projects ie; e-commerce, catalogs, high volume content, recipes, food brands.
• The desire to control costs.
• Require quality, high-end photography/video in remote locations.
• Need to set up and maintain an in-house photography departments.

Next Steps...
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We are happy to hear from you and look forward to unlimited possibility.